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AB&CO · TT BOILERS are a well-known Danish clean steam boiler manufacturer, who have specialised in small and medium size customised heaters and boilers.




What is Pure Steam - and what is Clean Steam ?

Conventional steam contains foreign particles from chemicals, from the metal and from the feed water. Normally this does not cause any problems. But even though the temperatures are high, killing most germs etc., conventional steam cannot be considered 100% clean.

01   Steam Outlet
02   Feed Water Supply
03   Drain for Blow-Down
04   Safety Valve(s)
05   Steam Blow-Out
06   Control Box
07  Pressure Gauge
08   Water Level Control
09   Pressure Control
10   Water Level Gauge
11   Heat Exchanging Coil


Special high quality steam is used in special applications on hospitals, special institutions, pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry, food industry etc. 

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Pure Steam Reboiler for Novo

The terms often used for this high quality steam, is clean steam and pure steam.

Clean Steam at Slagelse Hospital.

Clean steam
is made in an hygienic environment of stainless steel. It is clean, which means that it does not contain significant amounts of particles with e.g. iron, iron oxide and dirt of any kind. The feed water quality is likewise in an appropriate quality. Application could be food industry, and chemical industry.




Reboiler Heating Coils

Pure steam is both something similar to clean steam, and still something quite different. The quality of pure steam is extremely high. This kind of steam is often used in direct contact with medicals and controversial sterile parts - it must not for contains any particles what so ever. It is therefore generated in a super sanitary environment. Application is being even more common within hospitals, but also special institutions, pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry. Both clean steam and pure steam applications can be solved by TT BOILERS solution.


Stainless steel steam boiler
Design 350°C / 190 bar
for testing safety valves
at Rolls Royce in UK.

Tube coil and all part in contact with steam
are made in high grade stainless steel


The clean and pure steam application both requires a special design on the feed water provider and the steam generating plant. Obviously the quality of feed water determine the quality of the steam. The general design comply with materials in stainless steel only.

Pure steam requires that the surface in contact with the pure steam, including weldings, are polished. The design must not allow any traps in which condensate cannot be drained off 100%. All parts - materials and components - must be of a very special pure steam quality.

Available heat sources for making clean steam and pure steam:

  • Pressurized Water

  • Thermal Fluid

  • High pressure steam (reboiler)

  • Electrical

  • Oil/gas-fired (clean steam only)

Basically reboilers use high pressure steam to produce low pressure steam. Thus the design can be made in a customized degree of sanitarily.

Clean steam and pure steam boilers and generators are available up to 25 barg working pressure. Sanitary design with thermal fluid is an option. See the chapter about thermal fluid (hot oil) heater units.

Polished surface of steam heating element
for pure steam application

Unfired Steam Generators

TT BOILERS manufactures reboilers as unfired steam generators for conventional steam production without any sanitary requirement. Standard boiler armatures and materials in carbon steel are used.



Pure Steam Plants for Pharmacosmo 300 kg/h and 600 kg/h.

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